The Carrefour d’Entraide Lachine is looking for volunteers for the 2023 tax clinic, from March 01 to March 30, 2023.


Think you might be a good candidate with the CANADA Revenue Agency? Do you wish to obtain more information ?


Let us know by e-mail at and we will contact you to explain how to register!


Entries must be made before end of 2022 in order to obtain your approval for tax season





Our tax clinic allows low-income people to take advantage of low-cost services to help them complete their 2021 income tax return, with the help of volunteers trained by Revenue Canada and Revenu Quebec.


You must be a member of Carrefour d’Entraide Lachine to be able to have your taxes done. You must renew your membership card each year at a cost of $ 5. It also costs $ 5 for the tax service. You must therefore insert $ 10 in cash (per person for whom you have your taxes done) in the envelope you will put in the box provided for this purpose. You will receive your membership card along with your documents, once your taxes are completed.

Regarding the conditions related to Covid-19, we have changed the procedure for accepting new files.




If you don’t have a printer:


TO REGISTER, we ask you to come to the Carrefour and collect the Personal File which is in the box installed under the Tax box.

Fill out the Personal File and bring it with all your other documents to Carrefour


If you have a printer:


We ask you to download the Personal File in Acrobat Reader (pdf).

Fiche personnelle – ENG

Fill out the Personal File, print it out and bring it with all your other documents to Carrefour


If you have a scanner:


You can download the Personal File, complete it, scan YOUR documents and send everything by email:


A locked deposit box with a key is installed outside on the wall of the Carrefour, next to the door to the administrative offices.


People can drop off their paperwork in the Volunteer Tax Box.


As soon as your tax is done, you will be called to collect your documents.


Contribuer au Carrefour

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