Community organization meeting essentials needs of underprivileged people of Lachine and is aimed at the improvement of the quality of life of users by providing services adapted to their situation and by providing public awareness activities in consultation with similar community partners.


Our goal is to fill the basic needs for food security and clothing levels. We believe in popular education and to the ability of our users to take care of themselves.


Le Carrefour d’Entraide promotes the values of sharing and solidarity. We give a lot of importance in cooperation with community partners and we are trying to develop services in this way.


Le Carrefour d’Entraide Lachine opened on September 28, 1978. We celebrated our 36 years of services. During all these years its structure and activities have changed and were adapted in order to address the changes of its clients and its needs.


Our goal is to help the citizens in need by relying on donations of items such as clothing, furniture, food and offering services of urgency cooking, community cooking and activities of popular education

The organization is able to fulfil these services thanks to a grant from United Way and to self-financing.


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