Food Security


Food security is without a doubt one of the most important services of Le Carrefour. The comments made by the participants are heart-warming.

For the immigrants, the pleasure of learning the local cooking and share culinary knowledge is a mean to integrate themselves in our culture while sharing.

Food banks It is an emergency service, On appointment only The food bank is a temporary emergency support aimed to an individual or a family to alleviate their hunger


Community Kitchens: Collective cooking quickly become a place for meeting and socialization for all those who have in common the pleasure of good cooking. Cook healthy and nutritious dishes. The groups are formed upon request and the number of participants. Establish the budget and plan the menu. The purchases are made by the participants. Cooking recipes , separate the portions, clean the kitchen.

The basic food is provided by Le Carrefour d'Entraide.


You must register to reserve your place on the list for the next collective cooking. When the latter is filled, the participants are notified of the first step which is the planning of the menu and the day of the purchases.


It is the food autonomy which is the stepstone of collective kitchens. It allows us to better feed ourselves by overcoming the isolation and especially gives us an assurance that we will have something to put in our stomaches for the days to come. Good food at a small price.


Lunch box workshop: The group is formed according to the request and the number of participants. Twice a month, they prepare 5 lunches for their school age children. A contribution of $10.00 per child is asked for the preparation of nutritious meals,

Le Carrefour d'Entraide with Saint Vincent de Paul, provides cheese, yogurt, milk, juice, granola bars etc. Please note that some of the items may be changed without notice.


Thematic cooking for Christmas and Easter, put in jars, etc.....



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