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 Income tax Clinic

Christmas at 1/3 the price

Day Camp

School bag for the back to school



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Apple picking

Sugar Shack

Dinner Theater

Christmas diner

General Meeting, etc ...


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How to become a member of Le Carrefour d'Entraide de Lachine?


As a member of Le Carrefour d’Entraide Lachine, you will have the opportunity to participate in various workshops, events, special activities and also attend the General Assembly and to present you as a member to the board of directors. The membership is only $5.00 per year.


See examples of some activities that you can participate throughout the year with your membership card.


Contact us :      1176  Provost, Lachine QC

                              H8S 1N5

                              Téléphone : 514-634-3686

                              Télécopieur : 514-634-2554



Other services


 Listening, supporting and referencing to other stakeholders and places appropriate to your request, because we all have the same objectives and the same motto that you want to help you .